Holistic Co-Development

Alakoa Corporation specializes in information technology service offerings using a Holistic Co-Development approach. You control the solution you want for the price you want to pay by dynamically building your team with in-house resources and augmenting your team with Alakoa Corporation resources. These allows you to quick increase resources when you need it or decrease when you don’t.

Alakoa Corporation provide you a way to execute your company’s strategic goals by providing a co-development team built for your convenience. Throughout the projects, measurements are in place to monitor and report the current status and final overall success of the project. All intellectual capital stays with the team as it moves on to the next project within your organization. Our holistic co-development methods also mitigate your risk by providing a fast solution to your development efforts by having a responsive team ready for you when you need it.

Components of the holistic co-development approach:

Competitive advantage to co-development:

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