A premier information portal and product suite for patient related services such as a reminder service for pharmaceutical non-compliance tracking, wellness tracking applications for diabetics (Type 1 and Type 2) and patients and/or health enthusiast who are involved with dietary and weight loss programs.

The WiredPatient portal acts as a cloud to collect WiredPatient product usage data for non-compliance and tracking and reporting purposes. The WiredPatient portal will integrate with both Microsoft's HealthVault and the Google Health platforms.

The WiredPatient product suite utilizes web, voice (interactive voice response IVR), instant messaging, SMS, email communication platforms and mobile applications (iPhone, Windows Mobile) to address the following patient wellness issues:

Pharmaceutical non-compliance issues in the following areas:

Diabetic (Type 1, Type 2) therapy tracking in the following areas:

Dietary/Weight Loss Programs in the following areas:

Body Building Programs in the following areas:

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