Business Intelligence (BI)

The demand for Business Intelligence (BI) has grown to unprecedented levels. To maintain your competitive advantage you must be able to data mine, analysis and report up quickly and efficiently all your available data resources. Alakoa can help you in designing and implementing an efficient business intelligence program. Alakoa has experience with a wide variety of tools for data warehousing or reporting metrics on a real time basis. Alakoa's staff has various domain expertise and will assist in identifying critical benchmarks and information standards for your Business Intelligence (BI) system.

Business Intelligence competitive advantages:

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Alakoa Skills Matrix:

Skill Description Staff Average Experience
Database Design, Development & Administration
Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, T-SQL, Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Performance Tuning, Analysis Services 2005 (OLAP), Data Mining, Reporting Services, Integration Services (SSIS), Service Broker Services. 7 years