Technical Writing

Technical writing involves designing, writing, and organizing documents to deliver clear and consistent technical information. Well-written technical information reduces human error, eases transition to a new system or process, and reduces training and support costs.

The importance of quality product documentation and its contribution to increased revenues and profits is often overlooked. Many companies view documentation as an undesirable "cost factor" and burden their development or application engineers with technical writing as a "side project" to their other job duties. The end result frequently is documentation that is incomprehensible by the end-user - resulting in dissatisfied and frustrated end-user and or customers.

Alakoa's technical writers are experts in analyzing the information needs of your document's target audience and creating well structured, easy-to-read documentation. At the same time, they have the engineering background to gather and understand the necessary product and/or application information from your company's subject-matter-experts (SMEs).

Alakoa can provide a wide range of technical writing services:

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